The changes to the Portuguese Nationality Law

March, 18 2022

The regulation regarding the changes introduced to the Portuguese Nationality Law was published.

The Portuguese Government had finally updated the regulation, regarding the updated made to the national law in November 2020.  For almost two years, processes have been waiting for the regulations to be updated in order to the changes approved in 2020 to be put in force. 

From the recent updated regulations, we would like to highlight two aspects:

  1. It is finally establishing the process for the inscription of newborns babies, born in Portugal, and sons of foreigners with any type of residency in Portugal; and
  2. It is clearly established that any type of residency in Portugal (including the Golden Visa), after 5 years of being issued, can request the Portuguese Nationality.

Other changes were also introduced, namely the modernization of the process with the introduction of the possibility of an electronic submission, and more detailed information regarding the links to the Portuguese connection.

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