Important Update: Ruling by the Constitutional Court

20 February, 2024

We are pleased to share an important update regarding proposed changes to immigration legislation in Portugal. Recently, the Portuguese Constitutional Law confirmed the compliance of these proposed changes with the Portuguese Constitution.

The next critical phase in this process involves the document's final ratification by the Republic's President, a step we anticipate will occur shortly. Upon ratification, this amendment will significantly alter the calculation of the citizenship request timeline. Specifically, the five-year period required for submitting a citizenship request will no longer commence from the issuance date of your residency card. Instead, it will begin from the date of submission of the application. It is worth noting that the specific moment of submission of the application is yet to be defined by law but will be clarified in forthcoming regulations, expected to be published within the next three months following the publication of the law.

From the perspective of IAS, we are fully prepared to offer our unwavering support and assistance with any inquiries or matters you may encounter throughout this process. Our steadfast commitment ensures you are well-informed and equipped to navigate these changes seamlessly.


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