News about the Golden Visa Program

2 November, 2022

Following the recent news published in the Portuguese media, quoting the Portuguese Prime Ministry Mr. António Costa saying that it is possible that the Golden Visa Program may reach its end, IAS would like to mention that they were uttered at the opening of the Websummit Conference in Lisbon.

Currently, the only information we can provide is that such termination is not mentioned in the budget law for the year 2023, and they are also not part of any active discussion at the Parliament or between the political parties.  We also consulted with our partners, and based on the described situation, we believe that the implementation of any change should be delayed in the short term.

Also, we would like to point that that any eventual change/alteration of the program will not impact the applications already submitted or to be submitted until the moment such eventual change/alteration comes into force.

In any case, IAS is committed to keeping their clients informed regarding this matter, and as soon as we have more news about it, we will let you know.


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